Web Development Blues

Because having a life is overrated.

The last eight months have been absolutely crazy.

For those of you who know what I do, I design, develop, and maintain two websites for the business I work at in Olathe, as well as some other IT-related tasks.

One site, for Busch & Associates can be seen at www.buschandassociates.com. It was the first site of the pair that I had to work on, and was the first one for me to be used as a live example of learning PHP and developing a CMS for it. Which is why it's horribly clunky and outdated.

The second, for 911 Custom, was a complete development project from the beginning, and actually turned into my first real attempt at "branding" anything from nothing. It then turned into my first attempt at hard coding an online storefront from scratch. I recently launched this storefront after what amounted to roughly 8 months of development and testing. The whole site can be seen at www.911custom.com, and is currently undergoing some major revisions and updates to move things in a completely different direction.

The nice thing is that I now have someone to assist me on this so I can take care of the 239487232348976123 things I do around the office.

And it means I can also do work on things like the Airport Raceway site (again), now located at www.airport-raceway.com, and my personal photography site (www.brandonworfphotography.com), among others.

This all contributes to the "No-life-no-spare-time" dichotomy that has pretty much been the scenario since December. Of course, having a 9-month-old at home makes it just that much more...interesting.

I hope I will have more pics coming here soon, as well as some project updates and whatnot.

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The Insights of George Carlin

"POLITICIANS. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from anyway? Hah? They don't pass through a membrane from another reality.

They come from American parents, in American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities. And they are elected by American voters. This is the best we can do! This is all we have to offer. This is what our system produces. Garbage in, garbage out, folks.

If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're gonna have selfish, ignorant leaders. Simple as that. Term limits ain't gonna do ya any good. You're just gonna wind up with a whole brand-new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans."

~ George Carlin

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Holiday Psychosis, and the Project Plague

They should call it

I can definitely say that the holidays have definitely gotten somewhat easier to deal with. Then again, I'm probably delusional. We'll go with that.

Jana and I managed to hit up both families for Christmas this year over the course of three weeks. We just wrapped up the "Christmas" weekend with her mom's side of the family this past weekend, though it was more of a glorified relaxation weekend. Semantics. I'll take it either way.

I recently got on the Pinterest band wagon, mainly in an effort to help promote my photography and to not feel like a social outcast. So far, it's pretty good. I just hope not to come across as a desperate, bored housewife with a camera and no hobbies.

In other news, K-State lost in the Cotton Bowl, but probably would've won the Sugar Bowl, judging by the snore-fest that was. LSU and Alabama was a giant yawner (as everyone expected), and the Chiefs have made two great moves toward...mediocrity. Again.

Rick Santorum is a racist asshole. Newt Gingrich is a racist, unfaithful asshole, Ron Paul has lost his mind, and Mitt Romney is a massive tool. Honestly, I can't find any viable candidate in the GOP this year because of the wacko-psychotic mentality adopted by Republicans everywhere it seems. Whatever. I'll elaborate on that later.

I am about finished with a major project at work in developing an e-commerce portal for the 911 Custom website that I manage at work. I hope to launch sometime this week or next, based on who gets me the material I need soon. I'm about to overhaul the Busch & Associates website as well.

I've also gotten on board with a couple of individuals from the KC area on a project dubbed "816 Strong", meant to promote local businesses over large corporate chains. We're in the process of developing things (we just barely got started), but for anyone who wants to check things out, head on over to the Testing Portion of the site and check it out.

The truck is almost done as a project vehicle. All that's left is the console and a re-wire project, and it's up to snuff. Pics to come.


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